Dick By The Foot

  • : 09-20-2011 |
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Samuel O'Toole has a pretty extensive collection of shoes. However, he pays a price for looking so well coordinated. Namely, some of those great looking pairs of shoes hurt his feet something silly. Luckily Samuel also has an extensive collection of friends willing to rub his feet at the end of a long day. Of course, his feet aren't the only parts they're willing to rub. Kyle Quinn is ready and willing to rub whatever Samuel can slide his way, and the only thing better than two cocks is three, so Samuel calls Connor Maguire and asks him if he wants any part of it. Which, of course, he does. Before you know it, Samuel's feet aren't hurting anymore, but his dick is about to bust and rock fucking hard. Guess that's what friends are for...


Samuel O'Toole

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Amazing tools from this 3.O'Toole is very well named.Enyoyed there play.Nice cumin allover
2014-02-23 14:02
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