Dirty Dancing

  • : 08-12-2014 |
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Tyler Morgan wants to learn to dance. He was referred to an instructor by a good friend. Not only does Marco Russo come with an excellent reputation, he also is supposedly extremely hot.

Sure enough, Tyler sees that the latter is true upon Marco's arrival. They get right into the lesson after Marco explains that he won't tolerate less than full effort from a student. As they work with each other, Marco takes liberties that make Tyler a bit hot and bothered. He keeps coming in close and placing his hands on Tyler's hips, moving Tyler's ass right up against Marco's own dick. Eventually, Tyler realizes Marco's cock has become hard. The music and the rhythm take over and Tyler makes a crazy, improvised move. He spins around, unbuttons Marco's shirt, and goes to his knees, feeling Marco's boner. Marco doesn't stop him, so Tyler proceeds to take out Marco's fat erection and suck it. Marco's face shows how incredible it feels to him. He's never had a student slurp his hard dick. After, they move to a bench where Marco returns the gesture by taking Tyler's nice, large cock into his mouth. Marco stares deeply into Tyler's gorgeous eyes while sucking him. Then, Marco decides to see if Tyler will let him fuck his ass. Indeed, Tyler accepts Marco's pulsating dick. He pounds him hard as the sun shines through the glass windows and doors into Tyler's makeshift dance studio. Join them as they work up to an incredible explosion of rhythmic energy.


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A little passion from Marco would have helped, Tyler is  a hot young fuck and looks like he is loving the fucking. I know I would definitely enjoy fucking him!!!
2017-03-03 02:19
Tyler's hot; Marco's not
2015-03-06 01:59
Love to see Marco be more vocal. It was mostly Tyler in the scene and left me wanting more Marco. Great looking and would be more of an awesome top if he seemed like he was enjoying it a bit more.
2014-10-23 21:03
Love to see Marco Russo do bareback like he has at the other studios.
2014-09-05 10:17
I liked this scene. Marco was well cast as a well endowed Italian dance instructor. Tyler was a really cute little cock sucking bottom of a dance student. I agree with the other reviewers that this scene would have been even hotter if they ditched the condom and had Marco shoot his load into Tyler's mouth, and then have Tyler swallow. But this still was an enjoyable good scene.
2014-08-12 22:03
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