Doctor's Orders

  • : 01-15-2010 |
  • : 17457
Featuring Tommy D, Andrew Blue
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It has been a long exhausting day for Andrew Blue. He is taking a nap in his nice warm bed when out of the blue TommyD comes flying onto his back. Surprised yet excited at the same time, Andrew is rubbed down by the sexy stud TommyD.

TommyD uses his strong manly hands to caress and rub every inch of Andrew's tight fit body. He loves to rub Andrew but once his mouth comes close to that lovely cock, TommyD just can't resist and starts to deep throat it while it slowly grows inside his mouth.

Andrew has a thick dick which TommyD loves suck on but Mr.Blue has a different agenda. Easing his pulsating shaft into TommyD's tight little love hole is exactly what the doctor ordered. These two love rolling around in the bed together and the climax will be something to remember once you see these extreme loads.


Tommy D XXX

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1 comment

Need some new movies!!!!!!!!!! This is great, but it's getting old.
2015-10-18 23:18
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