Don't Just Watch

  • : 04-25-2019 |
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Trying to enjoy a little private time, Steve Rickz is interrupted he catches roomie Spencer Laval spying on him. Spencer doesn't seem to put off by seeing Steve's dick, and Steve is determined to bust his nut one way or the other, so when it becomes obvious that Spencer isn't gonna leave him alone, Steve decides if you can't beat them, might as well join them, and watches as Spencer helps himself to a seat on the bed. He grabs Steve's cock and before Steve can say anything, Spencer is throat deep on the head, devouring it as Steve's eyes roll back into his head. But Spencer didn't just come to blow steam. He whips out his hard dick and Steve's eyes light up at the size of it. He begs Spencer to plow him with his cock and Spencer obliges, going balls deep in Steve's bareback hole and pounding him until Steve is ready to shoot his load. Steve empties his nut all over himself as Spencer does the same, and the two of them laugh at the thought of it taking so long. Enjoy!

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This video is awesome, love tattoed dude Steve Rickz, this dude has a sexy body, huge cock and that tattoed body, every man should want to have..... Spencer laval is a hot companion too, this dude has one sexy hot body....please bring Steve and Spencer in another bareback video soon back
2019-09-01 02:46
Wish Steve would leave his pubes alone
2019-07-15 17:01
Spencer ate Steves ass in this scene , I wonder why they cut it from the final edit ?
2019-06-18 03:42
excellent video both guys awesome
2019-06-14 06:48
Steve has the GREATEST ASS I EVER SAW IN GAY PORN!! Spencer was a good match up for Steve! I love the doggy style ass work n twerk Steve did on Spencer nice rock hard tool!! But we did not see Steve's hole ...NOT EVEN A GLIMPSE OF IT!! WTF??? The camera work was lacking! Extremely poor!! Done Like an amateur !! WHAT A WASTE ON THE CUM SHOTS!! Spencer came all over Steve's hole but we couldn't see it?! WTF??!! WHOEVER DIRECTED THIS SCENE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO DIRECT ANY MORE!!! POORLY DONE CAMERA WORK!! The cock sucking was filmed to a like-able standard but the anal penetration had too many close ups plus ...the cut away shots from penetration to actors faces was off timing! However, it was  GREAT FUCKING!! No thx to the cameraman!!
2019-05-07 06:44
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