Duffel Discovery

  • : 03-05-2015 |
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As Johnny Torque and Drake Tyler get dressed for their workout, everything seems normal. One minute Johnny is talking muscle group strategy and changing into his athletic gear, and the next minute he's discovering a 10' dildo in his friend's duffel bag. Drake is noticeably embarrassed by Johnny's discovery, but embarrassment is the last thing Johnny is thinking about. Suddenly seeing his friend in a new, accommodating light, Johnny orders Drake down to his knees and unfurls his hard cock, letting it fall out of his shorts and into Drake's face, who wastes no time taking it deep down his throat, gagging on it as he slobbers all over the head. Johnny grabs the back of Drake's head and pulls him closer, fucking his face as Drake takes off his shorts. Johnny bends Drake over an exercise ball and proceeds to fuck Drake from behind, slapping him with the dildo and pounding away before moving over to the dressing bench, where Johnny throws both of Drake's legs over his shoulders and proceeds to fuck the cum right out of him, before launching his own load all over his friend's glistening, cum covered body. Drake admits this beats a dildo any day of the week, which is good news, considering Johnny has vowed a repeat performance whenever Drake gets the urge.


Next Door Buddies

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Drake is awesome.
2015-06-12 16:36
Hey, anyway that you could add a little more footage of the guys doing some flexing. They all have pretty great bodies and in some case like both these guys, just perfect muscles. Would be great to see them showing it off a little more.
2015-03-26 09:39
I couldn't give this a thumbs up or thumbs down because my reaction was too ambivalent. What's so exciting about getting slammed by a pseudo macho meathead top who refuses to 'Bottom', and treats you like dirt if you do? Sounds more like a nightmare than a great fantasy. I just don't get it!
2015-03-22 11:19
That was awesome! Drake is such a hot vocal bottom, and of course, Johnny is spectacular! He is so sexy, so dominant, so perfect!
2015-03-06 07:58
I want see Johnny Torque as a bottom
2015-03-05 22:11
Agreed, I find it interesting to watch a gay porn star who has always topped on film take it up the butt for the first time. I remember years ago a tall big dicked college kid named Jeremy Penn who only topped until his very last gay porn video. The title of the scene was "Jeremy gets Penn-etrated." I'm sure Next Door Buddies could make up a good scene title when Johnny gives up his ass.
2015-03-05 23:12
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