Exposed Listing

  • : 04-20-2018 |
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Featuring Leo Luckett, Mathias
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Even though the house is a little out of his client's price range, Leo Luckett thought it wouldn't hurt nonetheless to show Mathias this listing. Who knows, maybe Leo will even get lucky enough for Mathias to put in a bid for it. Mathias likes the house, but he sees something else that he likes even more, so when he asks Leo how badly he wants to sell the house, Leo has a pretty good idea of the deal. Luckily for Leo, Mathias is just the kind of guy Leo is interested in: good looking, open minded, and hung with a nice cock. Leo shows Mathias just how comfy the bed can be, as he sucks off his client before telling Mathias to fuck him good and hard. Mathias plunges his bareback cock deep inside of Leo's hole, pounding him all over the bed in every position he desires, finally spitting his load up all over Leo's hole. As he falls exhausted onto the bed next to Leo, he tells him he might have to expand his budget to make an offer. Leo smiles, realizing he gets the best of both worlds.Enjoy!

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Mathias use to be really hot.
2020-07-29 18:19
OMG could Leo's ass get any more fuckable??? Mathias is defiant hot, but agree not sure how he wouldn't be rock hard at the thought of getting inside Leo's hot butt!  A flip fuck would have been even hotter!
2018-04-29 09:41
Must admit Mathias is hot (!!!!) and Leo can really handle a nice thick dick. Overall I really like the scene. My only gripe, how do kiss a man with the anticipation of fucking and not get even a little aroused? After all the kissing Leo pulls off Mathias' underwear and Mathias is not even remotely aroused, but as soon as Leo begins to suck, he's instantly aroused.  Maybe it's the editing, but it gives one pause. Again, overall, I liked the scene. Nice fucking.
2018-04-25 18:26
Mathias is hot as usual.  Leo has evolved from twink to mid twenties young adult, so casting him as an adult realtor was a good idea to sell the scene.  Nice mutual oral by both guys and really good fuck of Leo by Mathias.
2018-04-22 22:25
Leo is getting nice and THICK and that ass!  By the way you know Mathias bottoms, and when he does lets reference Jake Ashford's scene, that is how you shot a man with a hot PHAT ass!!!
2018-04-20 22:33
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