Farewell Lucas Knight

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Lucas Knight has stopped by the shoot house for one final farewell, as he takes his talents to the world of dance and gives up this life of sordid, sultry affairs. But before he does, Lucas decides to give it one last go. No pretense, no storyline, just him, his giant cock and his favorite scene partner from the past: Drake Tyler. Drake and Lucas were in a scene not too long ago and both guys rank it right up there with their most memorable ever, so they decided to reunite for one final, carnal encounter.

As soon as Drake enters the room, Lucas' eyes light up and his cock stiffens. Drake wastes no time going for Lucas' crotch, unzipping his pants and pulling off his tiny undies, slipping Lucas' massive cock deep down his throat, gagging on it and teasing the head with his tongue. Lucas strips out of his clothes and is rock hard as Drake gags on his dick, and getting hornier by the second, he pushes Drake onto his back to strip him down and return the favor. Drake hardens up inside Lucas' mouth, and then Lucas flips him over and slides a finger into Drake's hole, finger fucking him from behind as he strokes his cock and prepares for insertion.

Once plunged inside, Lucas pounds Drake's ass with the kind of passion that could only come from someone laying it all on the line one last final time, and Drake can sense it, as Lucas continues to rock his world, his dick gets hard enough to cut diamonds, and when Lucas throws him onto his side and continues to fuck from behind, Drake jerks his dick, spewing a load as Lucas thrust away, before taking Lucas' final load all over his sweating, cum covered body. Parting is such sweet sorrow. So long Lucas. You're welcome back anytime!


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Great scene. Lucas is a sexy favorite that I hate to see leave and Drake has become a bottom favorite. The chemistry is intense. Loved this scene.
2016-02-26 16:59
I enjoy all ND sights. I enjoy all the model's I have favorites of course I really enjoy the sets, the narratives and the guys are great. I like Lucas and wish him success. I want to Thank everyone who works on ND films, keep up the great work!! Satisfied member here!
2016-01-20 17:35
Markie More is the hottest and sexiest, gay for pay guys, who I like, the rest not so much, Now Lucas Knight is retiring but man is he hot and sexy, and fantasies will miss him, much, Drake as I said before is alright. But this is my last view unless NDS change, such as hiring gay for pay or str8's, what there are no gays out there. Larry Sims.
2015-11-15 14:33
Good bye Lucas. You will be missed. Thanks for all the great fantasies. Also, please thank you parents for the wonderful, gorgeous son they had.
2015-08-18 16:58
An exit, with great passion; but Lucas will definitely not forgotten by Drake.....
2015-08-15 15:22
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