Fatherly Figure

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It's tough for a young man growing up without a solid father figure. It's a good thing sweet Jackson Cooper's mom is together with Damien Michaels now. Jackson sees Damien as such a strong, mature guy.

What Jackson doesn't know about Damien, is that he used to hook up with a few of his fellow frat buddies in college. Now, as Jackson has just been caught by Damien, masturbating to gay porn, Jackson feels he should open up to Damien about some feelings he's recently been having.

As Jackson explains to Damien that he might be attracted to guys, Damien's ears perk up and his dick begins swelling. And when Jackson explains that he's more interested in older guys, Damien comes up with an idea.

Damien tells Jackson that what he's feeling is normal and ok. He swears he won't tell his mom, and brings Jackson in for a hug. But as the hug turns into something more, Jackson realizes his wildest fantasy is coming true!

They start off with some passionate, deep kissing. Jackson moves down Damien's body, unbuttoning his shirt, and kissing all over his chest and stomach. Then Jackson decides to see what a dick tastes like for the first time. Damien guides him in his exploring.

Then Damien returns the favor by slurping on Jackson's stiff, virgin cock. What a sensation! Jackson can't believe Damien is naked and sucking on his dick.

After some 69ing, Damien has Jackson sit on his dick and ease It into his super tight hole. It's not easy at first, but Jackson works up his pace and can't believe how good it feels! Join this learning experience and find out what happens when a sweet boy finally finds a loving fatherly figure.

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I really liked this scene because of the continued talking between the guys. Nothing gets me hotter than two guys telling each other what to do and what feels good to them during sex.
2017-09-19 01:01
GREAT SCENE , but PISSED. I am having a difficult time STREAMING , even on the lowest resolution.. What the fuck? Will not subscribe again until this is fixed.
2017-06-20 10:26
Damien just R O C K S. I love all of his videos. I look forward to more.
2016-10-21 09:46
Just love me a Damien Michaels scene. Anytime!
2016-09-06 16:14
Damien is Hot but the most I like from him that makes me hot is his voice tone. I don't know who writes the dialogue but he makes it so incredibly sexy & masculine, will love having him for a night or longer. This site is really lucky to have him. I Keep watching
2016-08-06 19:51
I agree the masculine voice is a complete turn on. Very sexy.
2016-08-08 10:00
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