First Time Glory

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Samuel O'Toole has been coming to this bathroom for some time, jerking off in the stall and waiting for someone else to enter. He's spied on guys from the outside, watched guys pee from the inside, and secretly always had a fantasy to fuck some hot stranger through the glory hole. All this wasn't really his main concern as he sat in the stall, scanning his phone for some spank material and trying to squeeze one out real quick. Jimmy Clay just had to take a piss, but once he got a look at Sammy's massive cock, his thoughts quickly turned to something else. And when the two of them exchange wanting looks through the glory hole, Sammy seizes the opportunity and goes all in, literally, shoving his cock through the hole and waiting for Jimmy's next move. Predictably, Jimmy takes this once in a lifetime opportunity and grabs it by the horns, er, the balls. Before too long, Sammy is balls deep in Jimmy's ass and loving it, and to Jimmy's credit, he's experiencing deep new joys he never thought could be found on the restroom floor. This is one bathroom stall these guys are both gonna have to frequent a lot more often.


Samuel O'Toole

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Sam O'Toole is one of the sexiest men at NextDoor !! His stunning good looks, hot body and awesome cock are all assets for you guys. You were wise to give him his own site. Jimmy is hot too -- I don't mean to leave him out. I love his dark curly hair. He can be a drop in my bucket seat anytime ! Thanks for the smokin' scene !
2015-09-02 21:37
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