Foose Rush In

  • : 01-27-2012 |
  • : 24836
Featuring Marcus Mojo, Ayden Marx
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Ayden Marx has made the silly mistake of challenging Marcus Mojo to a foosball tournament. Ayden had no idea Marcus was nearly county champ 4 summers ago. Even though he doesn't have all his old moves, Marcus knows he can still beat the pants of Ayden, any old time. He still enjoys whooping some ass on the table when he has the chance.

After beating Ayden more times than either can count, Marcus plops on the couch to relax for a while. He soon moves to rubbing a chubby that's swelling up in his sweatpants. Ayden notices what's going on and makes his move, kissing Marcus from behind the couch. Marcus pulls Ayden over, eager to get his hands on that luscious body he's been eyeing while they were playing foosball. Now they're having a little post-tournament cool down, sucking each other's large, fat cocks. Even though Ayden got schooled, he's still a good sport. He's even letting Marcus slide his rock hard dick into his tight ass for a sensual and passionate pounding. Join these studs for a rec room experience where everyone wins!

Marcus Mojo

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This is a nice video. The kissing and caressing at the start is welcome and the kissing and fucking at the end is even better.
2019-09-13 08:36
like a lot your mens in tight jeans. never kind of cloths so nice for think about cock and ass. like long sucking cock. Have you porn with just kiss and suck with a long touching jeans and underwear.Scuse my bad english. So hot see cock sucking for long!
2015-10-03 03:06
Wow. Best video ive ever watched on nextdoor.
2015-07-07 21:33
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