Frat Bro Hook Up

  • : 09-29-2017 |
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It's been a while since frat bros Lance Ford and Clark Campbell have initiated a hook up, but Clark is certainly ready. Lance is always down for some fun, and today, Clark has a surprise for him. Luis Parker is defintely apprehensive about the meet up, but Clark assures him it will be worth his while. Still, as they make their way up to Lance's room and he begins to suck Clark off, Luis is skeptical and stays in a corner of the room watching. Lance gets Clark nice and hard as he deep throats his cock, and seeing this, Luis begins to loosen up a bit, unzipping his pants as he starts to play with himself. Clark bends Lance over and plunges his raw cock deep inside Lance, and as he fucks him from behind, he encourages Luis to get over his hang-ups and let Lance suck his dick. Luis agrees, and moves around the bed to let Lance do his thing while Clark continues to fuck from behind. Lance takes Luis' hard cock into his mouth and begins to down his cock. Clark smiles at Luis in a 'told you so' kind of way as Lance proves he knows what he's doing. Flipping him over, Clark fucks Lance missionary as Luis gets closer and closer to losing his load, finally spitting it all over Lance's face as Clark fucks the cum out of Lance. Lance is cum covered but not finished yet, as Clark pulls out and seeds his hole with his nut, shoving it back in as the two of them poke fun at Luis for being so skittish about having a little frat fun.Enjoy!

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Wow, Luis is perfect.
2021-07-18 17:47
Three hot guys. But one of them fucks it up with all those stupid tattoos. Why do all porn stars today think they have to screw their bodies up with such dumb ass tattoos? It looks like they all the students used sharpies to draw on their bodies in a first grade class.
2020-09-28 20:11
Sorry, but I think Luis is an ass-hole! The way he pushes Lance's hand away. I'd say "Fuck you". But that would probably be a waste of energy too. Maybe he should take up needle-point or some other hobby rather than trying to be a piss-poor porn star.
2020-08-21 17:47
- 19:40 lol
2019-08-05 00:39
I wish Luis had stuck around. Sick body. Very handsome. Nice cock. Masculine. The total package.
2018-05-06 21:08
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