Fraternity Fantasies: Blindfolds & Bukakke

  • : 08-06-2022 |
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When frat bros Jayden Marcos, Elliot Finn, Julian Brady and Justin Matthews decide to distract pledge Evan Knoxx from his studying, things take an incredibly wild turn.

Next Door Originals

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can i come?" "you just did"...iconic. the blindfold blowjobs and anal was great, that would be a fun end-of-the-year studio vid, like a competition, "NDS Top Model" lol.

the video was hot, fun, funny in the right way, and i liked it. the editing could have been better, and while i'm glad we got all of the action, maybe redubbing the closeups would have helped smooth over the repetitions. i'll come back for parts of it, so 6.5/10 maybe?
2022-10-07 16:57
was looking fwd to this love Julian but it was a big let down the sex was boring and they didnt seem into each other ,,the constant repeating of the dialogue was ridiculous and annoying one line was recorded and used at least three or four times and the scene with Justin saying he nearly came was repeated as well bad editing her guys really bad Carter may of helped the scene be better ,,elliot is over used
2022-08-27 11:46
Over the years Next Door has excelled in its college fraternity scenes, and this one was another winner! Pledge Evan was blindfolded and correctly identified each of the four frat brothers that he sucked, possibly from a lot of experience of sucking dick in the frat house! Then Elliot followed by Julian offered up their hot asses for fucking and pledge Evan joined the others in topping them. Hot ending of pledge Evan getting cummed upon with his mouth wide open by the others!
2022-08-09 21:57
It was one of the best videos I've ever seen. HOT !!!
2022-08-17 01:49
Such an awesome bunch of "fraternity" guys.
2022-08-08 18:30
Normally not a fan of group scenes. but this one worked. It is totally in line with the Next Door Fraternity series. A bunch of "str8" dudes who got no hang ups about screwing around with each other. The cool detachment of the actors play into the concept that this is nothing more than getting our rocks off with our buddies. Some people have disliked it because their favorite actor is missing. REALLY??? Not every actor can or should appear in every scene made. More than half this cast is on my "Favorites" list so I'm happy about their appearance. Take the scene for what it is with the actors chosen to play the roles. These guys always do their best with the concepts they're given. Extra shout-out to the director for taking what should have been a ridiculous plot and making it seems like it makes logical sense.
2022-08-08 14:08
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