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With his sister gone, Christian Bay lets himself into her house to do some cleaning for money. Assuming the house is empty, Christian gets a little freaked out when he hears sounds coming from upstairs, so cautiously, he decides to investigate. Making his way up the stairs and into the bedroom where the sounds are coming from, Christians fears turn to desire as he spies his sister's boyfriend taking a shower. Paul Canon certainly lives up to his name, and Christian can't help but sneak a few candid pics while he watches. As Paul exits the shower, Christian ducks behind the bedroom wall, but it's too late. Paul sees him and siezes his phone, catching Christian red handed. Paul is mad but Christian stays cool, eyeing Paul's cock. Paul sees him and asks him if he's gay, and Christian nods yes. Paul asks him if his sister knows and Christian says she doesn't, and that she won't find out if Paul doesn't say anything. Shocked at his candor, Paul is nonetheless intrigued by the look in Christian's eye, and since his sister won't let him breed her hole, Paul figures he may as well keep it in the family. With a look, he instructs Christian to get started, and Christian dutifully begins to suck him off. Paul throws him onto the bed and they 69 while Paul fingers Christian's asshole, before flipping him around onto his kness and plunging his rock hard cock deep into Christian. He fucks him raw from behind, grabbing his ass and pounding away, before letting Christian mount his cannon and take a ride. Christian spreads his legs wide and grinds away while Paul jacks him off, and as Christian is about to cum, Paul throws him onto his back and fucks him missionary, pulling out to coat Christian's hole before breeding it deeply, throwing Christian's legs open and fucking him until he loses his load all over his stomach. Staring at the mess on his bed, Paul realizes they're both going to have to take another shower.


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I totally agree with all of the comments about this scene. Paul has always been one of my faves and now Christian earns a top spot. So beautiful. So natural. So playful. Soooooo fucking hot! Didn’t make it all the way through before busting my load. Will watch this one many times more. Great job guys! This is why I love this site!
2020-11-17 23:29
I agree. This is a superb scene and the empathy Paul shows for Christian is beautiful to see. In addition to the incredible sex, these are two really good actors. My favorite part alongside the great sex is when Paul asks Christian "Are you gay? Yes. Does your sister know, does anybody know? You do, so it's okay if I suck your dick." Exquisite!
Paul Canon has always been one of my top favorites (the reason I joined NDS) and Christian is heading in that direction.Superb scene. Please give us more of these two.
2019-10-28 20:06
Best fuck scene I've seen a while! Love CHRISTIAN'S hairy ass crack and how it was fucked by PAUL----you could see every thrust during the riding fuck---- deep in CHRISTIAN'S hole!
2018-03-03 14:07
This has got to be one of the best scenes I've ever seen. I loved the level of affection and kissing through the entire time. Paul has been a favorite of mine for years,. This may be his best performance. Loved the ass play while he sucked Christian. One of the things that made this stand out was the naturalness of the actors. Very little porn posed sex, just two hot guys enjoying each other. Bring these back together. GREAT JOB all around.
2017-08-23 00:20
Excellent. Keep up producing these kinds of scenes. The bareback scenes are superior to ones with condoms. I love this trend and hope you keep doing it.
2017-08-19 18:22
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