Gingerbread Bounce

  • : 12-21-2017 |
  • : 11558
Featuring Lance Ford, Gunner
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With visions of sugar plum fairies dancing around in his head, Lance Ford greets lover Gunner in the kitchen on this frosty holiday morning. Breakfast can wait as the two of them, resplendent in their tackiest Xmas sweaters, commence to building a gingerbread house. Gunner is fine with the activity but keeps getting distracted by Lance's naked ass hanging out of his apron. As Lance finishes up with the icing, Gunner has visions of coating something else with his 'frosting', and luckily for him, Lance says he's been a good boy all year and so he deserves to open up just one present early. Gunner knows exactly which gift to unwrap, as he rips off Lance's apron and has his way with him in the kitchen. Lance proves that naughty things come in nice packages, as he sucks Gunner off to the base of his cock, working the head with his tongue as Gunner gets rock hard. He plunges his bareback cock deep inside Lance's holiday hole and proceeds to fuck him all over the kitchen, before moving to the living room to finish each other off. Once there, Gunner pounds the cum out of Lance, who spits his load all over himself as Gunner pulls out and does the same, squirting a festive batch all over Lance, thus ensuring that it will be a white Christmas after all.Enjoy!

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The precum was hot a fuck!!!!! I'd do the same if Gunner was inside of me. He is amazing.
2018-03-05 18:45
Awwww.........the opening to the scene is so CUTE. Love it!!!!  They made this look like real lovers who care about each other. Oh, the kitchen SEX is HOT as well. BTW Rocco love the new location of your filming. This has to be the 4 house you guys have moved to in the last 2 years. Love it!!!
2017-12-26 01:36
Gunner and Lance are two hot models executing well this Christmas gay porn scene wearing their naughty and nice Santa hats for the most part.  Well done mutual oral, Gunner fucks the cum out of Lance and then shoots big himself on Lance's chest.  Both guys have nice bods somewhat marred by ugly tattoos.  Good scene though.
2017-12-23 22:20
Gunner is HOT!
2017-12-22 14:28
Been a fan of Gunner for several years.....the man has a beautiful body, thick uncut cock and a beautiful, beautiful ass that has really not been used enough on NDS.  His ass should be primed with some finger play, rimming, and then spread wide and pounded hard.  Also when you have a beautiful male body in a scene.....dont you think that the sex partner could spend some time working on and enjoying that body......foreplay just does not seem to exist in the porn on here.  Gunner is a great top but the man is also one hell of a great bottom.
2017-12-21 09:39
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