Glory Hole Days

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  • : 01-04-2011 |
  • : 19021
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Austin Wilde hit the gym pretty hard today and now he's looking forward to showering off and relaxing. But he notices something unusual in the locker room. There appears to be a stiff cock poking out of a hole in the bathroom stall door. Austin goes in for closer inspection.

Indeed, Parker Perry thought it would be funny to get his dick hard and stick it out of the hole when Austin came into the locker room. To Parker's surprise, Austin wastes no time swallowing his large cock whole! Soon Parker is face to face with the hot, horny Austin and can't wait to get fucked hard by Austin's mammoth boner. This is a gym with serious fringe benefits!


Austin Wilde

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1 comment

Wouldn't kick either of these guys out of bed for eating crackers !! God dam if Parker Perry isn't one hot furry fuck of a man !! You had me the second I saw his fat pink cock sticking out of the glory hole. Austin Wilde's torso should be immortalized in marble -- the man has a perfect body. He is fast becoming one of my favorites ! The cum shots were spectacular !! Just beautiful !! Another 10 from NextDoor !! Keep up the excellent work !!
2015-09-14 21:46
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