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Trystan Bull continues his quest for the perfect body in this semi-instructional testimonial. Trystan shares some of his training secrets, as well as some of his other secrets in this no holes barred workout. If there's one thing we already know about Trystan, it's that when he does something he goes hard or he hardly goes, and here it is no different. Once the cock comes out the gloves come off, and its time for some hand to hand action. He's doing some power lifting here, and despite the size of his bar, he doesn't need a spotter. He'd just assume handle the load all by himself, even if it is keeping his hands full. After all, the only way to build muscle is to use it,right?


Trystan Bull

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1 comment

Whew! My favorite model! He's so relaxed and comfortable with himself it's fun to watch this over and over!
2018-11-27 00:24
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