Hard Day's Night

  • : 11-19-2011 |
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Silas O'Hara is in quite a pickle. Hammered, horny and stranded at a party, he is staring at the ass crack of dawn through half slits for eyes. When he calls his boy, Austin Wilde, for a ride home and a place to crash, he's fairly sure the night is almost over. The thing is, Austin's day is just beginning, and Silas' phone call has basically jump-started Austin's routine a half hour early this morning. Obligingly, Austin is glad to 'rescue' Silas, but no good deed goes un-returned. So when the two of them return to Austin's place, they've both got one thing on their mind: Silas just wants to take a rest and Austin just wants to bust his morning nut. Looks like Silas' night just got a little bit longer, and a 'hole' lot harder.


Austin Wilde

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1 comment

I would pass out in Mr. Wilde's bed any day !! He is so fucking hot .... gorgeous muscular upper body , firm round ass and beautiful meaty cock !! That sexy smile is a turn-on too !! I know Silas form another site .... I love his dark curly hair and sweet ass ! These two guys made one steamy scene together. Loved the fascial ! Super flick NDS !!
2015-09-27 21:25
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