Hard Morning

  • : 04-17-2018 |
  • : 14155
Featuring XL, Beau Reed
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As he stares out the window at the approaching morning, Beau Reed can feel lover XL coming up behind him. XL, fresh out of the shower, is ready to start the morning right, and Beau is definitely down with the program, as he sits XL back on the sofa and proceeds to suck him off, taking XL's long dick all the way down his throat before tongue fucking XL's hole. Beau plunges his cock deep inside XL and has a go at it before they switch. Now standing, XL slides his thick slab of meat between Beau's cheeks and fucks him hard from behind, pounding his ass before letting Beau take a nice ride. Beau grinds on XL's dick as XL lifts him up and sets him back down on the couch. He begins to fuck Beau hard again and Beau loses his nut, spitting onto his stomach as XL continues to pound away. He pulls out and blasts Beau's face with his load, coating his lover's mouth with a morning mouthful.Enjoy!


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I am grateful to all models who share of themselves, and especially when there is emotive expression. Maybe they can just do it and leave it behind but it is still a powerful sharing, and that I want to thank them for. XL is the most beautiful model for me, bar none. I have watched him top and bottom and flip. I have watched him wank, come inside and, much more unusual in gay porn, let another service him. Particularly with other black models I have seen a love and gentleness that is overwhelmingly sensuous. What I most hope is that any model who is prepared to give of himself this way is revered, properly rewarded, and able to retire and achieve other distinctions in his life. XXXXXXX Bobba
2020-12-29 12:30
Sorry horrible shaved ass
2019-07-28 11:55
So hot watching him shoot that thick, pearly white jizz into his mouth. Love how he licks his lips, too.
2018-08-13 01:51
Fucking great scene. I'm a big fan of Beau's. I love the fact that he loves black men and proves it with that fine ass of his.
2018-05-14 01:26
It's nextdoorebony and majority of the best actor are just making interracial one. It's obviously here a choice and a majority of videos.. It's not here i'll find plenty of blacks folks fucking each other
2018-05-08 16:59
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