Hard to the Mat

  • : 12-17-2013 |
  • : 9788
Featuring Alex Love, Dakota White
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Thanks to county budget cuts, students are being ordered to share lockers in gym class. Dakota White has been paired up with Alex Love. Alex takes punctuality seriously and always tries to beat Dakota to their locker first so he can be ready sooner. It's too bad for Alex that Dakota loves to get on the nerves of cute boys.

Dakota times himself perfectly in order to be at the locker precisely when Alex arrives. Alex is quick to comprehend this little game. At first he's annoyed, but when Dakota grabs Alex's dick, Alex changes his mind! Since class doesn't start for another hour, the guys decide to have some fun in the empty locker room. Alex is a little shy and nervous about hooking up on school grounds, so Dakota suggests they put on some wrestling tights and go for a roll on the mats! Alex is game for a good time, and the boys roll and play on the floor. When horseplay moves to include dry humping and kissing, the tights come off and the naked boys grind their nubile bodies against each other. Dakota has been waiting to get his dick inside Alex's mouth ever since they met at the beginning of the semester. And wow do Alex's lips feel good!! Dakota is enjoying a taste of Alex's sweet asshole. Then Dakota is sliding his hard, juicy dong into that tight pocket for a proper pounding. See these super hot Next Door Twinks take advantage of the empty locker room and their raging hormones!


Next Door Twink

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1 comment

Two hot models, but a potentially great scene was significantly worsened by relegating some potentially hot locker room wrestling foreplay into some still photo shots at the beginning.
2015-02-21 23:27
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