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  • : 08-16-2012 |
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Derek Reynolds is ready, willing and able! He's down to fuck without a lot of hassles, so he calls up a service and orders a little private attention. Marc Williams knows what guys like Derek want, so he lets himself into the apartment, disrobes, and enters the bedroom to find Derek waiting, naked and ass up in the air. Marc knows exactly what to do, so he presses up against Derek's body, sending chills down Derek's back. Marc caresses Derek's back then flips him over and finds his waiting cock semi erect. So he goes down on Derek and before long, they have worked themselves into a 69 as Derek returns the favor. With his dick on hard and Derek's hole prime for fucking, Marc turns Derek over and inserts his massive cock. Fucking Derek from behind, he leans in to kiss him on the back of the neck and Derek's eyes roll back into his head as Marc fills him up, then pulling out, Marc fires his hot load all over Derek as he strokes his own dick into submission. Shagged and cum covered, Derek's head falls back against the pillow as Marc dresses and lets himself out. Enjoy!


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