Help Me Off!

  • : 07-29-2011 |
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So tonight is the big party the Marcus Mojo has been waiting for: 'An Evening of Sin'. Nothing is going to keep him from being there. That is, something comes up. It seems his ride to the party, Connor Maguire, has a pretty big problem rising. A problem that is too hard to solve on his own. So not being a man who gets what he wants, Marcus comes up with a solution, and the two of them come to the conclusion that two heads are definitely better than one.


Marcus Mojo

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I agree with the previous guy ! I could watch these two boys all day !! Connor is so fucking HOT .... his lean build and hairy chest. I loved the way you showcased his ass and balls in the scene ! What I could do to them with my tongue ! Oh man !!! But I can't forget Mr. Mojo ..... his chest and those thighs !! My God !! And I just love the sounds he makes when he cums !! His cumshot was awesome by the way !! If either of them ever has a problem with stubborn wood again I would be more than happy to help them out !! I should be so Lucky. Thanks NextDoor ! You rock !!
2015-10-24 21:22
Two of my favorite sex gods!
2015-03-22 00:59
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