His Confession

  • : 11-15-2018 |
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When Jayden Lawrence confides to Carter Woods that he thinks he's gay, he worries how Carter will judge him, and what Carter will think. Luckily for him, he and Carter have been friends for a long time, so not only is Carter understanding and sympathetic to Jayden's feelings, it turns out he's been secretly harboring the same feelings for years. And now, with Jayden in front of him confessing, Carter seizes the opportunity to express his lust for Jayden. Jayden seems nervous, even as Carter slowly seduces him out of his clothes and works his way down Jayden's body, but when Carter wraps his lips around Jayden's dick and begins to suck him off, Jayden's worries melt away and he instantly feels like he made the right choice. And when Carter slides his rock hard dick into Jayden's virgin hole, Jayden lets out a moan that signals his approval. Carter proceeds to fuck Jayden all over the room- against the bed, on the bed, up against the window. Jayden is ready to cum just as Carter pulls out and blasts him, and as soon as he feels Carter's hot jizz spray his hole, he launches a massive load onto the floor, spraying like a hose as he quivers in post-orgasmic ecstasy.


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I really like Jayden and especially his sucking in the middle part of the video.
2022-01-28 12:44
Let's Put the Next Door back in NextDoor!
A hotel room? This is so not what happens when one comes out to one's hetero best friend, but it is we can dream. The blond boy is the portrait of male beauty except for that oversized, bizarre back tattoo. For close friends, they lack the feeling. "Shit ... shit ... I need you to cum for me. ... Not bad for a first time." Not the way best friends would talk during lovemaking. And pulling out, then the cumming down on the floor? Who wrote this?
2019-11-30 05:18
Why are all the Nextdoor videos always about straight guys? Are you guys ashamed of portraying a male couple? There seems to be lots of homophobia on this site strangley enough.
2019-01-01 21:23
Really not impressed with Jayden in this.  your best friend (Carter) who is hotter than hell not only understands but starts kissing you and sucking your dick and you just lay there?  Come on
2018-11-29 16:26

This scene could have been so much hotter! Why skip the rimming??? It would have been so hot to show off Jayden's hole and have a hot rimming session before he gets fucked! Also, the chemistry was not there between the two. Let's see more of Jayden in sexier, hotter scenes!

2018-11-23 13:27
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