Hot Enough to Fuck

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After having lunch with a friend, Jackson Traynor watches him leave from the window. Roomie Ryan Jordan catches him and asks him if he has a crush, and Jackson sheepishly admits that he does. Ryan asks Jackson if he wants to fuck their friend, and Jackson is asked to admit this, too. Ryan asks Jackson if he'd like to fuck him, and Jackson doesn't answer. Ryan takes his silence as a yes and pulls him closer, and Jackson does not resist. They kiss for the first time since moving in together and Jackson reaches down to rub the bulge in Ryan's jeans. It grows hard inside Jackson's hand and he quickly unzips Ryan's pants, taking them down to reveal Ryan's giant hard on. Jackson smiles before taking it into his mouth, and he feasts on Ryan's mammoth sized dick, already fantasizing about being fucked by such a cock. Ryan throws him onto the bed and sucks him off, stroking himself in the process. He spits on Jackson's hole and then swabs the head of his cock with it, then begins to slide it into Jackson's hole. Jackson tells him to go slow and Ryan obliges, working it in gently. Jackson's never taken a cock so big, but once it's in, he can't get enough, and Ryan picks up the pace, spreading his legs holding them as he pounds into Jackson with passion before flipping him over onto his knees. He grabs Jackson's waist and fucks him from behind, getting his fill as Jackson strokes his cock. Ryan tells Jackson he wants him to fuck him and so Jackson flips over onto his back. Ryan mounts him, spreading his legs wide and stroking his cock as Jackson fucks him from beneath. He spits his load all over Jackson's chest and tells him he wants him to cum. Jackson pulls out and soaks Ryan's hole with his nut, making a mess of it as he slides his dick back inside for round 2.Enjoy!

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Omg Ryan looks perfect in this one
2018-04-30 23:20
Very hot scene! Love Ryan fucking him and seeing Ryan getting fucked. WOW!I disagree with the assumption that he needs to grow more body hair to be more of a man! I know few guys with a cock that big or balls that huge! The fact that some men are naturally smooth even in their groin area seems to really bother some guys! If there was hair all over Ryan's  hole , balls and groin, then it would be hidden. Then we could not enjoy seeing his balls move and his hole flex to the cock in it. Smooth makes things look bigger as all body builders know! It's hotter to me to see how the skin and muscles move and flow, not see a mass of hair get wet and matted and dirty looking. I have never liked eating hair, but love licking skin. Whomever doesn't think Ryan, or Mark Long or Prince isn't a masculine man because they aren't coated in fur is delusional! The fact that they do groom shows that they have pride in their looks and also love the feel of their junk moving against the clothes they have on rather than getting pulled and pinched and having to constantly adjust themselves to stop the discomfort. I applaud then for showing us what they really have and I for one love it and find it hot as hell! My hole and balls are smooth and my husband loves it, even thou he likes hair too! He keeps his balls shaved for me so I can enjoy licking, sucking and holding them! It also makes them look larger and they really are large! Lucky me! Just saying and tired of the griping of guys on here that if we had to see them naked would not find them anymore of a man than anyone else! Ok, I'm done and glad to get that off my chest!
2018-04-28 00:58
Good pairing.  While Ryan fucked Jackson for most of the scene, Jackson did get to fuck Ryan in the last ten minutes.  Nice how Jackson fucked the cum out of Ryan and the bred him.
2018-04-16 22:37
Wow.  Really love these two together!
2018-04-16 13:12
Jackson is gorgeous, Ryan needs to look like a MAN and grow some bum & body hair back
2018-04-16 07:00
No, he doesn't.  His smooth ass is fucking sexy.  This scene sucked, though.  Ryan likes to get pounded and that didn't happen here.
2018-04-16 20:52
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