How Secure Are You?

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Installing security systems isn't the most exciting job, despite what one might think, but every now and again, Jack Hunter enjoys a perk or two. Take his install at the Hyde residence, where lonesome playboy Damien Hyde makes it obvious that he intends to give Jack an extra tip for his service. Jack defers coyly, but Damien insists, and as a man who is used to getting what he wants, Damien refuses to take no for an answer. Luckily for Jack, this spoiled heir is also devastatingly handsome, and his naked post-shower parade around the house has made it obvious to Jack that he's packing more than just a big wallet. So, Jack figures, there are much worse fates than being seduced by a rich customer, and he decides to go with it, despite Damien's initial warning that he plays a little rough. Jack exhales and nervously watches as Damien removes his work pants, grabbing at his cock before stripping Jack bare and sucking him off. Jack's fantasies couldn't prepare him for the reality, as Damien playfully tickles his balls with his tongue before stripping out of his shorts. Jack lay on his back as Damien shoves his cock in his mouth, face fucking him until he gags as Damien eyes Jack's sweet hole. Flipping him over, he tongues Jack's asshole while spreading Jack's cheeks wide. Slapping his ass with his cock, Damien slips it inside, and Jack closes his eyes and smiles, taking every inch that Damien can dish out. Damien keeps his word and fucks Jack harder than he's ever had it, pounding him from behind before giving him the business missionary with his thick, raw cock. Jack takes the dick like a champ as he strokes himself off, cumming on his stomach as Damien fucks away. Damien pulls out and splashes his load all over Jack's hole, before breeding it with the head of his cock going in and out slowly. At least now Jack realizes what Damien meant when he said an 'extra tip.'


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Jack didn’t take long to get hard, I like that about him. It’s to bad Damien can’t give him the head he deserves.
2020-10-29 13:27
What is wrong with this site!!!??? Just about every man is either trimmed or shaved or both, and it is a total turn off ...
2016-09-23 14:23
do you think that jack hunter got shaved his chest for this movies, or did he has a hairy chest ?   I don't know but I like to see jack Hunter wit his smooth chest , he is so gorgeous hot for me, love his nipples too.
2016-10-22 18:41
Definitely need to see lots more of Jack Hunter!
2016-09-08 19:18
I I ageer too, love Jack Hunter too, he is dammned hot, love that smooth chest and that huge cock !!
2016-10-22 18:43
Nice seduction scene of cute security system installer Jack (like him in glasses) by hot homeowner Damien.  Visual flirting leads to a tip of a blow job by Damien of Jack and then escalates to Jack sucking and then getting rimmed and fucked raw by Damien.  Jack shoots a nice creamy load while getting pounded, and Damien comes all over Jack's hole and then uses his dick to push his cum into Jack in a nice breeding conclusion.  Two hot models in another great NDR scene!
2016-09-07 22:43
Maybe you should delete the additional 216 pics = 228 MB from the download file of the full photoset. I'm not sure whether other members like to see such guy/girl porn pics on a GAY bareback site...
2016-09-07 05:20
Actually, I'd love to know more about that scene.  That guy is kinda hot - gorgeous cock, and beautiful hair.  Where can we see the actual scene?   :-)
2016-09-12 12:46
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