How To Cruise: Park Seduction

  • : 01-14-2016 |
  • : 23182
Featuring Tom Faulk, Alex Tanner
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As Alex Tanner weaves his way through the forest on his morning run, everything seems serene and calm. Alex loves getting a run in this early because it makes him feel like he's the only one up, but on this morning, he's mistaken.

Tom Faulk is also bright eyed and bushy tailed, but he's aiming to engage in a different kind of physical activity, and as Alex runs by, Tom decides he's the perfect candidate to participate.

Tom follows Alex into a rest stop, and as Alex takes a piss Tom walks up and just lays it out for him, telling Alex he wants to get his dick sucked and he knows Alex is game. Alex protests but Tom persists, breaking down Alex's weak resistance. Minutes later Alex and Tom are back at Tom's place with Alex on his knees and Tom's cock deep down his throat. Tom goads Alex, calling him a little slut as he licks Tom's shaft from tip to balls. Tom sits up and grabs Alex up onto the bed, rocking his legs high into the air and diving in tongue first towards Alex's pink hole. Tom moistens Alex up before sliding his hungry cock inside, filling Alex up from behind and showing no tenderness, fucking Alex as hard as he can.

Alex takes it like a champ, mounting Tom's cock reverse and bouncing on his rod, grinding his ass against Tom's stomach as he strokes himself. Alex's run is fine for cardio but he's really getting a good sweat going as Tom flips him over onto his back and fucks him missionary, pounding Alex so hard he cums all over himself as Tom pulls out and coats him in his sticky load.


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would  love to take both alex and toms cock in my mouth and ass at the same time since they are so fucking gorgeous
2018-05-05 14:46
tom and alex are very hot as hell
2018-05-05 14:44
Alex is very hot.  Love his ginger bush.
2017-01-25 11:40
Alex is utterly adorable. I don't usually go for twinks or most redheads, but his killer smile wins me over every time. Much more of him, please!
2016-07-27 16:46
Tom Faulk really prepared that ass and lavished so much attention on that beautiful young man!
2016-03-21 06:29
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