I Told You It Was Big

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Best buddies Michael Del Ray and Javier Cruz share quite a lot of things: their home, plenty of interests... hell, they even end up banging the same chicks from time to time, so as the two of them sit around killing time playing video games and shooting the shit, Michael gets the idea to share something else with Javier, rubbing his dick against the back of his neck as Javier focuses on the TV.

Javier is at first horrorfied, and as Michael taunts him with his cock, Javier isn't sure if his buddy is serious. But when he tells him to suck his dick, he decides to oblige. Michael is immediately taken aback, having no idea that Javier would accomodate him, but as Javier tongues his dick head, Michael goes with it, and before long, both guys have disrobed and Michael as returned the favor: dropping to his knees as Javier shoves his cock in the back of his throat. Having traded blow job for blow job, Michael asks Javier if he wants to finish with a mutual jerk off, but Javier has something else in mind, as he straddles Micheal's huge, rock hard cock and proceeds to mount it, riding Michael's big dick like a cowboy. Michael fucks him in every position, flipping him over and pounding him from behind before inverting him on the floor and pile driving him as Javier strokes himself off. Michael fucks hard as Javier launches his load all over himself, coating his body Michael blasts his face with his pent up load, leaving Javier happy as a clam, his glistening body covered with cum.


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Could not agree more with the enthusiastic comment below on July 16, 2017 (and really with all the great comments below). Michael Del Ray is always a favorite of mine too. Such a fun personality! (OK and huge cock and intense sexual energy too LOL.) But Javier Cruz! Oh my! A shame he only has 2 videos on Next Door! His orgasms are intense and his cumshots HUGE. And what a gorgeous uncut cock! And thankfully (all too rarely, annoyingly, for ND), the videographer keeps his face in frame so we can see the full force of his ecstasy when he comes. This is one of the best videos on Next Door and totally deserves its 99% approval rating!
2022-11-11 19:44
THIS, is one of my all time favorite movies. Michael Del Ray is awesome as usual, but Javier Cruz stole my heart. The scene where Michael has his legs in the air, getting his ass eaten out drives me totally crazy. I have yet to make it past that scene without exploding.  More from these two would be appreciated.
2017-07-16 09:35
Always liked Michael. These guys are hot together.
2017-01-13 12:46
Javier has a great looking cock
2016-11-09 01:33
two A+ cum shots
2016-09-30 18:32
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