I'll Loosen You Up

  • : 02-10-2018 |
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Donte Thick is salivating at the thought of his latest massage client, and as he slowly works out the kinks in Tyler Carver's hot body, he can tell this is one of those instances where deep body work is gonna be necessary. He rubs Tyler's gorgoeous body down, rock hard at the thought of having a go at Tyler's ass, before finally giving in and pulling Tyler's cock through his legs into his mouth. Tyler lets out a sigh and a moan as Donte sucks him off, and when Donte slides his thick cock deep into Tyler's waiting hole, Tyler realizes he's getting a full service massage today. Donte proves he's got a magic wand as he pounds Tyler from behind, fucking him all over the massage table and hitting his troubled spots. He takes all of Tyler's pain away, and Tyler proves he's no slouch when it comes to taking a dick. He willingly works Donte's hard on, riding it hard as he strokes himself off, spitting his load as Donte continues to fuck him from behind. Donte pulls out and blasts him with his load, and the mix of jizz and oil coats Tyler's backside as Donte exhales behind him, both of them loose, satisfied and ready for round 2. Enjoy!

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Tyler great hairy body, a handsome, sexy bottom. Love that he has no tattoos!
2018-03-17 00:37
A well filmed massage scene is nearly always really hot and this one was no exception, although not quite your best ever massage scene - that title definitely remains with Dante Martin and Max Penn.    
You should definitely film a raw  Nuro massage scene so that the masseur can simply be sliding his body across the client and have his cock just slide on in, almost by accident!
2018-02-18 08:17
Donte Thick should cut his hair — his current haircut is a cross between ridiculous and appalling
2018-02-14 20:41
Great scene!! Have to agree with other commenter that there needs to be more closeup shots of the ass play.  The wide shot was OK but far too long.  I want to see the action up close and personal.  Tyler is a cutie, great hairy ass.  I missed his earlier scenes, I'll have to catch them up.  Move of both Donte and Tyler, please!!
2018-02-13 23:22
Fantastic scene!  Soccer player Tyler with his sore lower back comes to Donte the masseur.  A lengthy massage with the steady sensual progression plays itself out into spectacular sex.  What potential for a series:  have Tyler send his soccer teammates one by one to have their sore lower backs massaged by Donte.  He could have the entire team fucked by the end of the season!
2018-02-12 22:37
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