Internal Procedure

  • : 01-07-2012 |
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Rhett Brenner has a seemingly unknown problem, so he has checked himself into the hospital. Feeling sort of 'Blah' as he puts it, he just doesn't seem feel like himself on the inside. Luckily for Rhett, internal investigations are a specialty of Doctor Samuel O'Toole and his assistant, Eduardo Dante. Known colloquially as Doctor Asshole, O'Toole has seen this problem plenty of times. So after having Eduardo loosen up his anxiety with an oral procedure, Doctor Asshole, er, O'Toole conducts a thorough examination of Rhett's asshole, starting with the rubber glove test, and concluding with a procedure that Sammy likes to call, The O'Toole in the Butt Gimmick. Well what he lacks in creative titling he more than makes up for in his rectal knowledge, and soon enough, Rhett realizes he has cum to the right doctor.


Samuel O'Toole

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A meat thermometer?!  How stupid!
2017-09-08 19:38
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