Intimate Improv

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When acting coach Dalton Riley meets Trevor Laster face to face, he's impressed by Trevor's look, but when they begin their improv exercises, it becomes clear that Trevor's acting chops are in need of some refinement. Dalton sees that Trevor just needs to loosen up and get out of his mind, more into his body, and he's got just the exercise method to achieve that. As he gently puts his arms around Trevor and rubs his shoulders, he tells Trevor to react in character, not as himself. Trevor embraces the role and grabs Dalton, pulling him closer. As they kiss, Dalton smiles.

'That's improv?' Trevor asks.

'No, this is,' Dalton replies, suddenly grabbing Trevor's waistband and exposing his rock hard cock. Dalton takes it into his mouth as Trevor lets out an audible moan. He feels Trevor throbbing in his mouth before bending him over to eat his ass. Tonguing his hole, he strokes himself hard before plunging his cock deep into Trevor. Trevor gasps as Dalton works it in, and before he knows it, Trevor's cherry is popped, and Dalton is 8 inches deep inside him. Dalton shows him how it's done, easing his dick in and out before picking up the pace. He lets Trevor take a ride as he squeezes his perfect ass. Trevor proves his natural talent, but Dalton wants to see his versatility, so he flips onto his back and tells Trevor to fuck the cum out of him. Trevor, now on top, slides his cock into Dalton and spreads his legs, fucking him hard as Dalton strokes himself off. Watching Dalton jizz all over himself triggers Trevor to want to nut, so he pulls out and feeds Dalton his load, spraying all over his face as Dalton tries to lap it all up.

As Trevor bends down and kisses his cum drenched lips, Dalton smiles and tells him he's a natural actor. Trevor tells him he wasn't really acting.


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Sorry hate this  unmasculine shaved look
2019-07-21 14:51
Trevor, Trevor, Trevor...You've got what it takes for a great career! You've got everything it takes and especially the ability to make each scene so believable. I'd like to see you with such greats as Roman Todd and Jaxton Wheeler. What an explosion that would be!
2018-12-10 06:21
Trevor is a new, budding star. He has the hidden passion I think many of us wish we would or could possess. I would like to see Trevor with Roman Todd or Jaxton Wheeler. With either of these passionate men, you will see Trevor come into his own as a standard for the natural response men can and should have with another man who is secure in his natural sexuality. Kudos, Trevor. You're on the road to be a star.
2018-10-11 10:23
Two beautiful muscular, smooth guys, each in his own way, paired up by Rocco making a perfect scene. From the first start when Trevor Laster returned to NDS transformed from twink into an outfilled bodybuilder with a very strong, manly physique, I fell for this handsome dude and became a big fan. I can't get enough watching  this sweet, handsome  dude that gained so much muscle mass in a couple of years for hours. he makes me hot as hell. Matching him with experienced Dalton Riley, was a perfect one, as to be expected. Both stallions are smooth, natural or shaven, and have a great ass, a perfect big dick and a nice pair of nuts and they both take full advantage of what they've got there. Love the talking, the intense kissing, the facial expressions,  the exploring of each other's hot body, the cock sucking, the eating of tasty, smooth holes and finally the flip flop fucking. All there is to be done by two beautiful males, who obviously enjoy what they are doing. Great performance NDS!
2018-08-27 04:15
Hot scene thank you for the pairing. Trevor and Dalton were hot!
2018-08-20 11:21
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