Introducing Derek Bolt & Tyler Carver

  • : 04-27-2017 |
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Introducing not one, but two new studs to the Next Door line-up in this heat filled exchange. Self-professed 'puppy dog', Derek Bolt, can't keep his paws off of brand newbie Tyler Carver. It's Tyler's first time on film and his first time with a guy, but this adventurous stud from the midwest is a natural as he watches Derek suck him off, then proving a quick study, returns the favor, gagging on Derek's cock and taking it down to the base. Derek flips him over and exposes his virgin hole, slipping his tongue deep inside before he can resist no longer.

Derek pile drives Tyler who takes it like a champ, before flipping Derek onto his back and riding him long and hard. Derek's massive arms hold Tyler steady as the young stud bounces up and down on Derek's cock, before flipping him over onto his back as Derek fucks the cum out of him before dousing Tyler with his first load. It's highly doubtful it will be his last. Enjoy!

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Derek you all be sure to make a few reappearances
2018-03-31 20:54
Just  took a second look at Tyler's scene.  Hot Hot Hot man but this may be his first  (on camera experience with a man)  but not his first dick in the ass.  He  said in the Quentin interview he was a big bottom and loved to ride.   He knows that from many bottom encounters.  Love him   and as long as I'm  venting Derek's fiance  is packing  the same equipment,  I'll bet on that, his gay speech and manor creeps in frequently.   Love Tyler  and can  tolerate Derek.    

2017-09-07 08:11
Tyler took that cock really well for being brand new. Tyler is hot, more of him please. He has hot pits, hot nips and he's so cute.
2017-07-30 18:25
have just recently watched this scene again ,,like BOTH guys can Derek do a scene with Donovan Wilde so he can show the guy how its really done
2017-07-23 10:36
Derek is not my favorite body type, but Tyler most definitely is!  Let's see lots more of Tyler naked in bed wrapping his hot twink lips around a big dick and then taking it up his hot twink butt.  Love the way Tyler remains hard while getting pounded.  Tyler also has a nice long dick which will look even bigger when Next Door shaves the newbe's pubes off.
2017-05-03 23:07
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