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  • : 03-07-2007 |
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Featuring Tim, Jake
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This week, Jake and Tim are here for our viewing pleasure. They wanted to do an oral scene together, and we weren't about to stop them.

The scene starts off with the two watching their favorite porn flick, when Tim bluntly tells Jake to suck his cock. Jake's a team player and never has a problem helping a homie out, so he leans in and takes his buddies cock into his warm, wet mouth.

Tim loves head, but he's not the type of guy to just receive and not give any, so after getting sucked for a good amount of time, Tim returns the favor and shoves Jake's 6inch around by 6 inch long cock into his mouth, rubbing the back of Jake's cock-head with his tongue.

When the two are ready to cum, we wanted to do something a little different, so we got really low and let the two cum on the glass coffee table, for an awesome underneath angle.


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