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  • : 03-07-2007 |
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Featuring Tim, Jake
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Tim and Jake are back this week to finish what they started.

Tim had just woken up from a late night of partying. When he came downstairs he was sporting a morning wood; apparently he was having a good dream.

Once into the living room, Tim spots Jake still resting on the couch. Eyeing the stud's muscles and ass as he just laid there resting really got Tim's boner throbbing, so there was only one thing to do: wake his ass up and tell him to bend over!

Jake didn't mind, as he was pretty horny too (neither of them got laid the night before), so the two trade BJs, then Tim lubes up Jake's puckered hole and slides his cock in for some fun.

When Jake just can't take anymore ass pounding, Tim commands his buddy to play with some toys. As Jake fucks his own ass with a dildo, Tim jerks himself into a creamy orgasm, flinging his cum all over Jake. This gets Jake so hot that he flips upside down and cums on to his own face, just so he could have more man-milk dripping off of himself. What a scene!


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