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Kayden Andrews is a tasty hunk with passion for living and a sexy bod that just WILL NOT QUIT! He's a personal trainer who loves music, dance, and just hanging out with good friends.

When he's in the gym, he's helping others push themselves to become stronger and better. When he's dancing as a male entertainer, he's enticing his fans in the most sensuous ways you can imagine.

Kayden is stripping off his blue jeans for us to fatten up his giant cock. Then he's starting out slowly, letting his inhibitions melt. Once he's ready, with his hard dick pulsating in his strong hand, we follow Kayden to a couch where he's kicking back and continuing to stroke that big, firm cock.

Kayden lets his hands roam up and down his incredibly chiseled body while feeling waves of ecstasy flow from his fingers to his boner to his toes. And then it's time for a nice, hot shower. Kayden soaps up and is sure to get plenty of suds all over his bubbly ass. When he's finished rinsing off, he's cranking up the intensity for an explosive, satisfying finish.

Next Door Male


Kayden is a really hot guy. His cum shot was outstanding.   Sorry that he hasn't made any additional scenes.
2019-01-22 13:43
Kayden is without a doubt one of your hottest models! I saw his first action scene and it was hot! Where did he go??? Bring him back for some BB!
2018-05-30 21:47
This guy is smoking-- parts of it reminded me of Kyle King's debut: he sat at the center of the screen, jerking, looking directly into your eyes and asking if you wanted to fuck him, it was the hottest solo I had ever seen although not especially partial to them so no expert. Kayden, with those smoldering eyes and that  lascivious smile could have carried off something similar. Can't wait to see Kayden fucked by my personal favorite, Quentin of the arched cock and glorious ass.
2018-02-09 17:45
I'm not a big fan of solo's, but watching Kayden Andrews is fucking hot. I hardly could take my eyes of this smooth shaven, muscular, vascular dude with his firm, full butt and his big smooth shaven cock and balls. This handsome stallion is sure gonna make it here. Hope he will be matched soon with lots of big muscular studs of the Nextdoor stable!
2017-07-10 08:02
Very hot guy.  Kayden shouldn't shave his pubes and he should let his beard grow.
2017-02-27 17:42
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