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After a hard day at the office, King Noire is interested in relaxing and taking a load off. He works in a fast-paced environment and knows that the best way to rejuvenate his senses is to spend some time stroking his incredibly huge cock. But King also knows that tender care is necessary to properly bust an explosive nut, the way he likes. He's letting you join him for this very intimate session, where he's taking off his jacket, unbuttoning his shirt, and removing his pants. You'll be shocked at the size of his behemoth dong once he gets down to biz. King is happy you're here to share this, his favorite part of the day. His dick is well oiled, fully flared, and hungry for attention. He jerks hard and works up an intense rhythm. Go with King to his special place, where pleasure soothes all wounds and pressures from the world fade far away. Enjoy!

Next Door Ebony


like i said ,that why i do not watch to many white sites of porn stars, You see the same kind of body build white guy doing the same sex position.  Need more men of color, white guys don't forget, america is not to happy for you being gay, then you want to understand why does the world that is straight treat you this way, for being gay.  Don't complaint, because you are no different then the  KKK, I don't even think that white gay guys are really that cute.  for are you brother, that like  gay or gay for pay, go elsewhere, you see brother ranging from all complexion and the brothers on other sites. Until  white site start putting more diversity on there site, i refuse to watch any more white porn only video.
2017-01-10 21:22
Please don't hurt them! With that hammer
2016-11-27 19:48
hot x hot = OMG!
2016-11-26 06:19
never forget that Paul Cannon said he hate scenes with "men of color" along with his current then former boyfriend Damien who was in total agreement//Given this Paul's overt racism which is a human rights violation does not prevent other likeminded types from hiring him and advancing his a situation with 100% affirmative pro-White racism and without Confederate flags
2016-11-01 22:44
Paul Cannon is bizarre he has said he does not want to do scenes with men of colour YET he actually has done sex scenes with black men recently for another gay porn studio LOL! Isn't that bizarre? I cannot name the studio because people will complain to Martin. But I know for a fact if you google Paul Cannon name he has done numerous sex scenes with BLACK MEN. I have heard some other white models which I cannot name who also have a WHITE ONLY POLICY and this actually hurts the black models getting work. I think that could be what is going on at Next door studios?
2016-11-02 18:10
29 Oct

Respect my ass with that big black dick, King!
2016-10-29 05:30
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