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After a long day back from playing tennis, Trystan Bull just wants to shower and unwind on the sofa. All that running around and sweating has worn him out, and he needs to recharge and refresh. So he undresses and turns on the water, letting it get seeping hot as he suds up his chest, his cock, his balls and taint. Bending over and washing his asshole, the water feels restorative as it drips down his back, and he begins to stroke his soapy dick as he leans against the shower door. Losing himself in fantasy for a while, he snaps back to after a bit and dries off, his cock still semi-hard and in need of attention. So he relaxes back on the couch, not even bothering to dress, and pops in a little adult feature for entertainment. Massaging his balls and taint as the movie plays, his uncut dick starts to get harder, so Trystan begins to whacks it as the movie plays, rising up on his knees and letting his cock stand up at full attention, before cumming on the half wet towel. If he wasn't ready for bed before, he certainly is now.Enjoy!

Trystan Bull

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So damn sexy...would like to see Trystan look at the camera and talk to us. Ask if we're stroking with him, ask if we want his cock, his cum....talk to us while he jacks off....Love his voice, makes me cum
2015-03-31 13:13
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