Lawson Kane

  • : 05-17-2013 |
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Featuring Lawson Kane
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It's a mild morning downtown, where Lawson Kane calls home. Near the top floor of a high-rise, high-class apartment building in the city, Lawson steps out on his balcony. It overlooks some industrial buildings and a small shipping harbor at the end of an inlet. Lawson comes out here feel peaceful and comfortable. Today's no different. He's wearing a very sheer wrap around his waist. His exposed upper body is chiseled, with beautiful smooth skin. As Lawson relaxes on a patio sofa with a mimosa, he opens up the wrap to feel some the nice breeze on his nether regions. It indeed feels good caressing his fattening cock and balls. Lawson grows harder and begins stroking his growing erection. He moves over by the edge of the balcony and tugs his meat with delight. The expansive view can make him quite horny. See Lawson enjoy his sexy body high above the city, as you join him to blow off some steam.



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1 comment

I love Lawson Kane very sexy guy
2015-01-13 00:15
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