Layin' Around

  • : 05-29-2019 |
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Yard guy Markie More may not be very good at lawn maintenance, but that doesn't mean he's not a hard worker who knows how to use his tools. Jeremy Spreadums can see the tool Markie is housing in his shed, and if he can't have a nice lawn, he can at least get plowed a little. Markie is much more into that idea than spending his time out in the sun, so the two of them make their way inside, where Markie shows off his skills. He starts by deep throating Jeremy with some messy, sloppy head, then bends him over and slides his raw cock deep inside Jeremy's hole. Jeremy takes Markie's meat stick like a champ as Markie pounds him over the side of the sofa from behind. He wears Jeremy's hole out, stretching it with his thick cock as Jeremy takes a nice reverse ride. Switching up, Markie gives Jeremy the last word, spreading his legs for him and letting him fuck him to the finish. Jeremy is all too happy to pound Markie's ass, and he fucks the cum out of him before pulling out and blasting Markie with his load. Enjoy!

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Waxed, shaved smooth arse alert, just NOT good, kills any interest - in to MEN, not this!
2019-07-15 15:31
Markie has moved on with his life. He follows a path I have seen others do. I doubt, however, that Puritanical religion will fill the void of sexual desire. It's a pattern. This scene was just not it!
2019-06-18 08:59
Don't know what Markie'  off screen gig is and I'm pretty sure any organizes religion would NOT look kindly on him continuing his porn career.  That being  added, this was not one of his usual  scenes.  No enthusiasm,  withdrawn participation, and  I'm  here for the check only attitude.  He was the foundation ND was built on  best go out with that in your resume.   Time to move over and go on with your life.  Good luck!
2019-05-29 08:31
It's hard to enjoy a Markie scene now given his new offscreen role.
2019-05-29 06:22
I hope this is the last of Markie that we have to see. Can't stand him, and I'm so glad he's gone. His scenes aren't even enjoyable, especially the disgusting way he slurps on a dick.
2019-05-29 05:41
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