Leopard Print Fun

  • : 08-13-2010 |
  • : 5786
Featuring Tommy D
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Tommy's been getting his dick licked a lot lately, so we thought it was time to give his tool a break and let him get himself off for this weeks update.

To spice things up a bit, we dug up our favorite leopard print bed spread, gave Tommy a bottle of the best silky smooth lube, and told the stud to have at it.

What happens next is pure magic. Mr. D grabs ahold of his throbbing man member and gives it a stroking of a life time until his balls tighten up and his cock begins spewing his build up cream.


Tommy D XXX

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1 comment

No, not a fan as I was looking thru this I saw 22 females not my cup of tea, I am gay, not bi, if you wish to house them put them on a bi site, not a gay site. Got to go. Larry Sims
2015-12-16 15:09
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