Locker Lurkers

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After practice, after the rest of the team's gone home, after the coaches have tucked away their whistles, after the janitor has mopped the showers, that's when Jay Cloud and Lance Alexander let loose the pint up passion that's been fattening their cocks all day and turning their stomachs in anticipation. Up against the lockers, Jay breaths in Lance's deep, soft kisses. Lance lowers himself to smooch and lick Jay's bulging underwear. He pulls down the elastic to let Jay's enormous dick flop out and bounce against his face. Lance opens wide and takes the stiffening cock into his mouth, letting it slide to the back of his open throat. Jay can't believe the real-life sensation is even better than he had been imagining all day. The note Lance had slipped him between classes was succinct, 'I want your cock in my mouth.' Jay is salivating to have his own taste of hard dick. They switch positions and Jay unsheathes Lance's incredible dong. It's like nothing Jay has seen before, even in the sex films he watches late at night in his room at home. Lance has a behemoth cock that Jay can tell is aching to be sucked, spit upon, and sucked some more. Watch these smoking hot guys enjoy each other's massive dicks in this sweaty, locker-room encounter.Enjoy!

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These guys are both very nice. I wish I had straight friends like them.  I personally like the oral only video for a change. Unfortunately I was disappointed in the lack of lighting.  It was too dark and the red light or camera filter made it hard to see especially for someone who has less than perfect vision.  Other than the darkness I did enjoy the video.  Please turn the lights on in the future.
2016-12-20 17:04
Look! NDS you guys make some hot vids, until now these guy were cute, but either bi or str8 and they didn't have the gay feeling that we gays look for in a man! Yes I just said I didn't like it, but some did, so lets go with that, my pain is still there.
2015-11-22 04:43
a waste of gorgeous cocks. Jay fucking Lance would have been more sexier or flip-flop fucking since both have beautiful long gorgeous cocks. BUTT maybe next time. its a nice video but u know what i mean ...
2015-09-15 16:32
Very hot video. They both seemed to enjoy their work.
2014-12-06 09:51
I so want a thee way with both of them
2014-11-11 11:12
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