Lucky Break

  • : 09-06-2019 |
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Scott Finn's broken hand has got him laid up and bummed out. He can't even really jerk off right now. But every dark cloud has a silver lining, and so with nothing better to do, Carter Woods figures he may as well help Scott out with his problem. He gets no argument, even though Scott admits he's kind of helpless to even undress himself. Carter tells him he'll take care of him, leading him back to the bedroom. Once there, Carter delivers on his promise, laying Scott on his back and taking care of everything. He readies Scott's hole with his tongue before plunging his dick deep inside Scott's waiting hole. Scott moans with pleasure. He was hoping for a helping hand but Carter's deep dick assistance is so much better. Carter fucks Scott good and hard all over the bed before pounding him one last push until Scott shoots his load all over himself. Carter pulls out and gives Scott another healthy blast for good measure, coating him with cum that makes him forget all about his injury.


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Loved this scene.  Great plot and two smoking hot guys acting it out!  Many a gay short story has a horny young jock in the hospital with a cast on that prevents him from jerking off, and a friend/sympathetic young male nurse takes care of his "problem" by sucking him off and swallowing to prevent hospital cum stained bed sheets.  But this scene ratchets up the blow job into a butt fuck.  Carter and Scott are smoking hot together acting out this great plot.
2019-09-09 20:48
Glad Carter and Scott are together again. A natural. And from what I gather, they enjoyed it immensely. Thanks, guys.
2019-09-08 13:19
this is an awesome pair and some great shots.
2019-09-06 20:57
Loved it all...great pairing...Carter Woods is awesome....Scott Finn is also very good but only criticism is cut down on the loud and obnoxious moaning...wanted to put a sock in it after the first ten minutes but it didn't take away from the scene....thx NDS....great job.
2019-09-06 12:25
This is why you should never shy away from pairing up models multiple times.  Carter normally drips sex appeal, but he really turned it up for Scott.  Easily his best scene so far in terms of performance and fuck skill.  He needs to bring this kind of energy into every scene.  Hope he gets to play with Dacotah soon.  Scott is always a gem.  When a dick is in his holes you know all is right with the world.  He should get to play with Landon.
2019-09-06 02:23
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