Magic Stone

  • : 01-19-2018 |
  • : 12797
Featuring Leo Luckett, Zay Hardy
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Dislike 44

Zay Hardy has got something Leo Luckett might be very interested in obtaining for himself, and once he reveals it, Leo is certainly interested in seeing what it does. Leo checks out the precious 'magical' stone, which Zay assures him will give the possessor the power to have anyone he or she wants. Leo is skeptical until he puts his hands on the stone and feels Zay's hands on his shoulders. Looking up at him, he realizes that maybe the stone does have magical powers after all, as Zay stands up and begins to unzip his pants. Moments later, Leo is gagging on Zay's hard on, and when Zay slides his bareback cock deep inside his waiting hole, Leo becomes a converted believer in the stone's powers. Zay pounds him from behind before letting Leo ride the dick to his heart's content, and when Zay flips him over and fucks the cum out of him, Leo tells him he just made his sale. Zay smiles, knowing full well he'll be seeing the stone- and Leo- soon enough again. Enjoy!

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macho tesudo da porra que físico atraente e uma pica que em segundos fica rija que nem uma rocha
2020-04-20 09:33
Both  guys  are  hot  as  hell  but  this  scene  was  a  dud  for  me.  I  don't  usually  complain , you  can't  hit  it  out  of  the  park  every  time , but  something  seemed  off.  They   didn't  seem  to  click ..... maybe  another  go ?  I  would  love  to  see  some  pubes  ( don't  understand  the  need  to  shave  down  there )  plus  Zay  would  be  so  much  sexier  if  he  let  his  chest  hair  grow  out !  Guys  who  have  it  shave  it  and  guys  who  would  love  some  don't .  These  guys  deserve  our  attention , maybe  next  time  will  be  a  winner.
2018-01-24 14:59
Love how Zey uses the rock to SEDUCE Leo. This was the best part of the scene. As mentioned before kissing, rimming, and Leo staying hard at least half of the time would have made the scene a blockbuster. AS it is just two nice looking dudes trying to get paid is what I get form this clunker.
2018-01-21 11:25
As I post, this scene has 45 likes and 26 dislikes, just under a 2-1 margin of likes.  But most of the posters so far seem to be from the minority of dislikes.  My rebuttal is that I liked the scene, thought that the "magic stone" plot was a little weird but quick and effective to getting to the sex.  Leo is a hot blond bottom , who did his usual good job of taking it up the butt.  I share some of the criticism of Zey for failing to kiss or suck dick,  a problem with many gay for pay models.  Even a gay for pay guy should suck some cock, if only to acknowledge that he is doing a gay porn video.  Zey's failure to suck dick led to the "wood debate" in the above posts.  Once Zey's cock was between Leo's hot lips, from that point on Zey was hard.  Had Zey given Leo some head, and Leo stayed soft, that would have been a valid wood complaint against Leo.  I acknowledge that Leo while getting fucked was soft at times, half hard at times and hard at times.  Some good bottoms stay rock hard all the time while getting pounded, and some good bottoms do not (which is why in gay porn, you see a lot of bottoms covering their package with one of their hands while bottoming).   So I think that many of the dislike posters are giving Leo a bad rap for Zey's failure to give him any head up front.
2018-01-20 23:10
I don't think Zay's blowjob failure is any excuse for Leo being limp whilst being fucked.  Both performances and direction were pathetic.
2018-01-21 14:48
I wanted to see Zay suck Leo's luscious cock. I also think both models should let their pubic hair grow out. I like a natural, manly look "down there." Otherwise, it was OK. Leo is adorable.
2018-01-20 10:20
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