Markie More Breaks In Chad Piper

  • : 06-29-2017 |
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Featuring Markie More, Chad Piper
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Fresh outta Pittsburgh, newbie Chad Piper finds himself in the hungry clutches of Markie More. The two of them are getting handsy as Markie can't wait to get Chad out of his clothes. Tearing off his jeans, Markie discovers that Chad lives to his name, as he unleashes his Steel City pipe for Markie to behold. Markie takes a deep dive onto Chad's cock, gagging himself with it before flipping Chad over and fingering his hole. After tonguing Chad up and down, Markie gives Chad the pipe and lets him have it from behind. Markie breaks him in and Chad proves he can take a dick like a champ, so Markie asks if he's as good at being on top. Chad grins as he flips Markie over and plunges his thick cock deep inside of Markie's tight hole. Chad clearly has what it takes, as he fills Markie up and pounds the cum out of him, pulling out and wetting him down with is own load, leaving Markie covered in irrefutable evidence that Chad has what it takes to come back for more.Enjoy!

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Karen Black was great in Airport 1975 and The Day Of The Locust.
2020-12-11 17:47
Incredibly hot. When Markie gets his big fat cock into Chad's tight hole it shows Markies veins on his hips besides his sexy V lines in close up, and that is so fucking hot! Markie gives such nice and sweet comments on other guy's physique; he sure is a star, and one of my absolute favs here! Chad is a sweet newcomer here. His lean body is very hot, and his big, vascular cock is impressive. Love Chad's sweet, hoarse voice, very sexy!
2017-07-07 04:43
Chad is aka Steven on another Website..You will enjoy him...
2017-07-03 01:16
Wow, what a fantastic addition to Next Door is Chad Piper!  Young, tall, slender, hot, handsome, sexy voiced, big dicked stud.  When Chad said he was into skateboarding, that instantly created an image of an ass shaking young skateboarding prick tease, which Markie promptly remedied by fucking that ass.  But in a flip flop turnabout, Chad shoves Markie back on the bed, slides his big fat dick up Markie's butt, who exclaims "Fuck, that is a big cock!"  Please bring Chad back to both top and bottom.  He would be a natural for skateboarding themed scenes.  Let's see Chad fuck and get fucked by other skateboarders, and those who they constantly prick tease.
2017-07-01 22:45
Thought Markie was retiring but I'm so glad he's still around.  Isn't his one of the best physiques in porn?  Phenomenal!
2017-06-30 04:54
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