Markie's Special Request

  • : 11-23-2017 |
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Markie More is known to have an eye for talent, so when he heard that Allen Lucas had started bottoming, Markie's interest piqued. After checking out some of his vids, Markie decided he definitely wanted a piece for himself, so he threw he humbly requested a scene with Allen. For his part, Allen sure seems excited to be chosen, and can't wait to take Markie's famous cock for a test drive. Markie promises not to take it easy on him and Allen's cock swells in anticipation. Markie pulls out Allen's hard on and sucks him to the base, deep throating him as he strokes him softly. Allen's head spits a little pre-cum as Markie downs him again. They switch and Markie face fucks Allen before flipping him over and eating his ass while Allen strokes himself. Markie spits in his hole then plunges his cock deep inside, filling Allen up before pile driving him from above. Allen tells Markie to slow down or else he'll cum, and instead, Markie flips him over and hits it from the back, arching Allen's ass high up in the air so he can watch his meaty cock going in and out. It's evident that both guys are ready to spit their loads, so Allen mounts Markie's dick and rides him until he spits his huge load in a cathartic release. Allen's load drenches his stomach just as Markie pulls out and cums all over Allen's face. Feeding his throbbing cock to him, Markie helps Allen lick up every drop.Enjoy!

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Markie sure knows what he has been asking for: well, of course he knows. This muscular handsome dude, and one of the most beautiful ones on NDS  oozes sex. His body is a piece of art. Every part of him is more than beautiful, and so he has an eye for horny muscular dudes as well. I agree, it's a bit pity that he uses a condom on his huge, vascular dick, but we'll manage. Even with that this scene is fucking hot. Love the dirty comments both guys use here as well. One of the best scenes here!
2018-02-25 07:45
Markie you can request whatever the fuck you want! HOT scene!
2017-11-26 17:54
Is there anything more erotically beautiful than a full shot of Marke mounted on top of another man? The guy's body is a work of art.
2017-11-25 21:38
What is with the condom?
2017-11-25 00:57
Truly one of the best, if not - the best and hottest scene's I've ever seen.  Markie, an all-time favorite, and Allen had fantastic chemistry going-on. and they really seemed to  be into each other.  This scene definitely raises the bar and hoping that you guy's can continue  making  a commitment to excellence like you , Markie and Allen did with this one.   And, adding Quentin wound have make it the absolute BEST one  ever made!  Mentioning Quentin makes me wonder where he has been?  Any,way - thanks guys for giving all of us such a fantastic Thanksgiving!
2017-11-23 21:02
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