Mason Wyler & Aaron Skyline

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  • : 07-06-2009 |
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Mason's new buddy Aaron Skyline is in desperate need of a comforting massage. Aaron is a hot young man who doesn't mind receiving a hot sexy massage from Mr. Wyler.

This hot new stud has just turned 19. He only weighs 185 and stands at 5'11 with a tasty uncut dick of 6.5 inches.

The scene begins with Aaron relaxing on a couch after a long day's work when Mason walks in and offers to give him a massage. With massage in progress soon we find Mr. Skyline's big fat cock deep inside Mason's mouth. Aaron loves to tell Mason what to do and how he likes his balls licked up and down. The scene gets heated up with some face fucking and lots of cum dripping off of Masons happy face.


Mason Wyler

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