Mason Wyler & Andrew Blue

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  • : 07-27-2009 |
  • : 11945
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When Mason Wyler meets up with Andrew Blue, it's gonna get very hot and very wild. These guys are hungry for action, but will Andrew's tight hole accommodate a beast cock like Mason's? What will happen when the infamous Mason uses his super, dick gobbling power on Andrew's rock hard boner?

Will this duo combine forces for a creamy finish? Grab your cock and stay tuned!


Mason Wyler

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1 comment

Why can't I seem to get this file to download?
2016-03-01 17:25
Martin | Admin
ADMIN - Videos 2009 and prior are currently not available for download due to the file type. To fix it, we would need to re-encode thousands of files to the current industry standard. Unfortunately this is not our priority as we continue to focus on new fresh content. As such, very old content is only available in streaming video for the forseeable future. - Martin
2016-03-02 16:34
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