Mason Wyler & Rusty Stevens

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  • : 09-28-2009 |
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Mason Wyler has been a master of sensual touch for some time. On this occasion, he's treating a certain Rusty Stevens to quite a sexy back rub. Mason knows an old massage parlor technique to manipulate Rusty's muscles in such a way that his cock will become very hard and erect.

Rusty has heard stories about Mason's great ability to stimulate and invigorate through massage. To his surprise, his sexual hunger is aroused. Soon Mason is sucking his dick and taking a good pounding from the rejuvenated Rusty. If you ever find yourself receiving a massage from the notorious Mason Wyler, be prepared!


Mason Wyler

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1 comment

I love Mason. Such a terrific bottom and sensitive to his nipples which I am too. I love when he gets fucked and shows the pleasure it gives him. He truly is one of the best bottoms in the business of porn. I'd also be nursing those nips a lot.
2015-04-13 18:24
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