Mason Wyler & Tex

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  • : 12-28-2009 |
  • : 15564
Featuring Tex Ryder, Mason Wyler
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WHOA! Tex Ryder just got busted by Mason Wyler! Tex thought it'd be o.k. to jerk off to some porn in Mason's room before Mason arrived back home. He thought he had plenty of time, so he didn't lock the door.

You probably could've guess that Mason has a sixth sense for knowing when he's missing out on something going on in his own room. Just as Tex was about to really get into it, Mason catches him red-handed. But don't worry, Tex! Mason has an even better idea. How about instead of masturbating to porn, you take Mason's hard cock in the ass??


Mason Wyler

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1 comment

What's with Tex's limp dick during most of the shoot, not into it? He's great to look at but a bit too laid back and stiff (though not his cock). He shot a great load which may have been his salvation.
2015-09-05 17:37
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