Men's Shower

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Remember your first time in the locker room at the gym? Krave Moore has just joined a new gym downtown and doesn't quite know what to expect. At his old gym, there was a glory hole where all the hot, sweaty, pumped up hunks would hook up. But Krave has yet to make any new friends at the new place...until today!
As Krave enters the locker room, he sees Osiris Blade showering. Osiris immediately sees the rock hard erection underneath Krave's shorts. Krave can tell Osiris enjoys large, firm dicks, so he pulls his out and strokes it slowly. Osiris is definitely impressed with the incredible size of Krave's swollen cock.
Osiris turns off the water, towels off a bit, and the two hot men come together. As Osisris was drying himself, Krave disrobed. Now their nude bodies are pressed together, with their pulsating dicks rubbing against each other. Osiris goes to his knees to have a taste of Krave's luscious meat. Then Krave spreads Osiris's cheeks to tongue his tender hole. Passion intensifies and they decide to go all the way. Join this first-time encounter in the men's locker room with Krave and Osiris as they take turns fucking one another.


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This vid reminds me of the V.G.L. Black M.B.A. types w/ B.B.C.'s who frequent my 'Y'. Our showers are private w/ opaque glass doors. But you can always walk by and see them at 'full-mast' (8"-10") rubbing soap everywhere. Then they just have to exit their private shower and strut w/ their semi under their towel, finishing off by drying off for a 2nd or 3rd time at their locker, making sure to rub their cock & balls very well to get 'em semi again. I LUV it when these very few V.G.L. Black men are at the 'Y' while I'm there. I let them catch me staring at their jacked 25 - 30 y/o buff bodies and B.B.C.'s w/ lowhangers! (We all stare, they all seem to love having an audience!) 

Could we have more 1:1 or Group B.B.C. vids in the locker room / shower area? HAWT!
2017-05-30 12:39
Two handsome, amazingly hung "Black Studs"; and both of them excelled when they came. If I could take something that "big", I would. Loved it.
2017-04-04 13:25
Big dicks that don't stay hard while fucking? I really don't understand the physiology. You'll note the strategic editing: it appeared Krave couldn't stay hard while topping Osiris. Krave is better as a bottom and probably prefers that role. I've met a lot of big dicked bottoms who can't or never get hard. Any ideas why?
2016-05-17 03:55
love this vidieo hot
2016-04-29 14:57
doesn't get any better than this
2016-03-09 11:42
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