Monday Morning Blues

  • : 10-05-2016 |
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With another work week staring him in the face, Mitch Hanson needs all the inspiration he can get just to motivate himself. While he hates his job, he must admit that there is one perk to going into the office, and that perk is co-worker Quentin Gainz. Quentin's soft eyes and ripped frame dance in Mitch's imagination, and he throws his head back against the couch as he strokes himself off, fantasizing about all the things he'd do to Quentin if he were allowed to do so: slowly unzipping Quentin's jeans and going down on him, feeling his meaty cock fill up his mouth, eating Quentin's perfect ass before sticking it in, fucking Quentin from behind as he grabs him by the shoulders and pulls him closer, and then switching up and letting Quentin fuck him raw, watching Quentin's cock go in and out before nutting all over Mitch's hole. Luckily for Mitch, some fantasies do come true. Enjoy!

Next Door Raw

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Yes, a top rated vid. Quentin is one of the hottest, perhaps the hottest man in my fantasies. He´s so beautiful. The verbal and non verbal communication between Mitch and him was very nice. Hot onturning cumming scene too. Thanks for this pleasure.
2017-04-30 03:03
That was probably the best film you've created!  Not only for Quentin, and a new guy, but the most artful recreation of a fantasy by the last 50 frames or the new guy alone.  Just like it would be in real.  That section took me by surprise, and made the movie for me.Thank You
2017-01-13 01:09
HOT!  LOVE the  flip flop.  But it would have been hotter if  they had actually been at work having sex in the office
2016-12-07 23:34
Quentin I like you so much, never know that you are a very hot Bottom too,  You have such a hot body and that inkt on your chest, makes you dammned hot for sure.  want to see more soon from you Quentin gainz, you are my all favorite man !!!
2016-10-17 02:23
Love this video.   Quentin is so HOT!   The banter between them is terrific.  And the end fuck is  just one of the best.  I want to bottom for Quentin!
2016-10-11 22:06
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