My Boyfriend's Best Friend

  • : 08-30-2018 |
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Michael Del Ray feels at home over at Markie More's place, since Markie is dating Michael's best friend. Michael tells Markie that his boyfriend has given him the ok if they ever want to mess around. Markie can't believe it, so Michael says he'll call him right now. Markie thinks he's bluffing but Michael is already dialing, and sure enough, moments later, Markie hears the ok himself. He hands the phone back to Michael and they both let out with a laugh about it, but Michael quickly straightens up and becomes all business, pulling his shorts down and telling Markie to get to work. Markie does as he's told and downs Michael's mammoth sized cock. It chokes him only halfway down, but he shoves the rest of it nonetheless. Michael gets rock hard and then returns the favor, bending Markie over and diving in face first. As he tongue fucks Markie's hole, Michael strokes his cock and keeps it hard, finally standing and pluging it all the way into Markie. He slams Markie from behind, thrusting the full length of his dick deep into Markie's hole. Markie's eyes widen as he takes all of it, and Michael grabs him by the waist and proceeds to pound Markie good and raw. He lets Markie take a ride before throwing him onto his back and boning him til he cums. Markie spits a gigantic, messy load as Michael pulls out and coats his perfect freshly fucked hole.

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What a ripoff -- a 2 minute trailer for a dollar --- take it and put it where the sun don't shine --
2021-08-15 05:17
Shame we are not able to enjoy a flip, but still a lovely pair
2019-07-21 04:06
I have always been a huge fan of Markie, but I did find this film lacking that chemistry between Michael and Markie that is usually present in most of Markie's films>I also agree that Michael seemed bored and (just not into it) towards the end>the rimming was excellent, I could watch Markie's ass getting eaten for hours>All in all a good(not great) clip saved (for me) by the presence of Markie More>finally, the Last Thing I Want To See is more hair on Markie>I love the original Markie when he just had facial stubble, for me >THE BEARD HAS TO GO
2018-09-05 11:49
Markie is so sexy and masculine!!! Please grow out all your body hair, I see some stubble on your chest, let it grow!!! You are a stud.
2018-09-02 02:11
Two  accomplished  performers ,especially Markie, and Michael has come some way when I saw him first in Mormonboyz. The video tended to fall off towards the end,, with such well endowed guys, it missed that real climax expected of such talented guys .May they both need  some respite for a while to re-charge their undoubted appeal
2018-09-01 11:47
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